What our clients say

From the beginning you were extremely helpful, ensuring you had an idea of exactly what we required before our first meeting. Feedback from that meeting was prompt and outlined exactly what business solution DekSoft could provide, along with a quote. Once this proposal was given the go ahead, we were up and running with the new system within a matter of weeks. Since the first version we have had a couple of changes/additions made, which were attended to quickly, along with making recommendations to ensure our business ran smoothly.

Greg Stevens, SignPro

I thought I would take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you have done in setting up FileMaker at our company Elite Publishing. You not only understood that our database is our life blood, but you factored in all our very specific requirements which has made life easier for all us. We really appreciate the attention you give our company and the high level of service you provide.

Vicky Cammiade, Elite Publishing

I knew that FileMaker was a powerful database management tool, but was frustrated by the fact that so many “experts” said that they could solve my issues. These experts failed one after the other to understand my requirements. No matter what I designed, how clearly I wrote and how many hours I spent explaining, these people seemed to create their own products, which seemed totally unrelated to my needs. Then I was introduced to Arnis Gross, who not only completely understood what I needed, but grasped it quickly and improved my ideas and designs to ensure a smooth and very effective user experience for my staff. We branded our new product aASAP, which was not just used in our office, but by our entire sales team on the road on their iPads. aASAP has saved our business thousands of dollars in time and will continue to do so as we enhance it more and more.

Jarrod La Canna, John Batman Group

We engaged fmCustomApps to create a FileMaker solution in which we could rely on to service our needs in entering a new business market. Throughout the development of the solution Arnis was more than accommodating to all our needs and requirements. Working alongside with Arnis was made easy due to his advanced knowledge of FileMaker.

John Kocowski, Dalys Constructions

My business required a very unique database solution. You were able to deliver a product that met my business needs in a highly professional extremely fast and painless way. The lines of communication were always open and the ability to translate my needs was beyond amazing resulting in a custom solution that is exactly what I wanted. Couldn’t hesitate to recommend fmCustomApps for their services.

Jonathan Parise, Piano Tuner